BROWNIE ® PROTEIN BAR (variety box) - 30x20g

Chocolate to the MAX! This is the most delicious protein bar you have ever tried now in variety box of all 6 tastes of our Best Seller! Each box has 5pcs by 20g of each taste. 

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Product Description

brownie protein bar caramelbrownie protein bar chestnutsbrownie protein bar cherrybrownie protein bar double chocolatebrownie protein bar chocolate peanut butterbrownie protein bar chocolate orangeChocolate to the MAX!

We all know how much we tend to eat sometimes when we are very hungry, and how bad we feel after the “crime”. That’s why we from Healthy Foods and Drinks Ltd decided to make a dessert that is super chocolatey, super tasty and healthy at the same time. AWESOME, you would say, and you would be absolutely right!

Brownie Protein Bar® a large bar (100 g) that gives you 24g of high quality protein. Carefully selected, it nourishes your muscles for a long time and fiber improves its absorption. We have also added Vitamin C and Calcium for a complete and balanced formula. All ingredients have been carefully selected for a complete and unforgettable taste and ultimate pleasure.

Rich and pleasant taste and heavenly aroma – that is the least you can expect from every bite of Brownie Protein Bar®.

Sport food for athletes! Do not exceed the *NRV indicated in nutritional values. Use before the expiry date marked on the packaging / L. Store away from direct sunlight in a cool (up to 25°C) dry place.

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