GREEN COFFFE + L-CARNITINE 55,000mg - 500ml

Our best-selling fat burner with 2200 mg of  L-carnitine, 100 mg of guarana and 10 mg of green tea per serving. Extremely potent for people with high expectations.

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l-carnitine green coffee fat burner

One of the most important functions of L-carnitine is that an intake of 2000-3000 mg before workout supports the proper function of the heart – it reduces pulse and increases endurance and energy. It improves fat metabolism by transporting fat to the cell mitochondria, where it is burned. Increases brain efficiency and improves focus on workout.


Green coffee extract further stimulate fat burning due to its high content of chlorogenic acids (anti - oxidants). In combination with L-carnitine this product is your best choice for regulation of body fat.


A concentrate containing L-Carnitine base (99%) and 100% green coffee extract. A product especially developed to stimulate fat metabolism in a modern formula that provides good results in your diet.

Each pack contains 25 servings of 2200 mg L-Carnitine and 500 mg green coffee extract. For best results take one serving (20 ml) 30-45 min before workout. Be careful with taking this product late at night - it contains green coffee, which can lead to sleep disorder.


Water, L-carnitine base, acidity regulator: citric acid from green coffee extract, Vitamin C, flavoring, sweeteners: sucralose, stevia, preservatives: sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, selenium.

Use only as a dietary supplement! Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women and children! Keep out of the reach of children! Do not exceed the RDA indicated in nutritional values. A dietary supplement that cannot replace a varied diet! It is not a medicine! Use before the expiry date marked on the packaging / L. Store away from direct sunlight in a cool (up to 28°C) dry place.

green coffee

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