Dear Friends!

Thank You, for your trust and staying with us for all these years. Our Fit&Shape® brand has just turned 10 years and we are very very thankful to all of you! 

We are learning every day and after 10 years we know that there will be another 10 years that will be needed to gain more knowledge that will help us to develop new products that will deliver better results, better taste and different sport experience. And we don’t wanna stop doing it!

In this global market, where everything is possible and nothing is out of reach, we are proud to develop our brand and offer the highest quality based on research and science. We know that taste is of real importance so we take care a great attention of offering unrepeatable tastes. We are proud of our core team of specialist for being with us and helping us to create innovative formulations. After 20 years of experience we know that we are truly passionate in the field of sport, action and life of motion.

HFD Side

If you want to reach new heights or conquer another pike, Fit&Shape® will help you do it. Not because its just a brand of sport nutrition, but because of the hundreds of dedicated people behind it. Athletes, technologists, doctors or even the young guys from the gym in the neighbourhood; we hear them all and dare to take all the challanges, because we want to celebrate our 20-30-50 years with better quality products!

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