CARNITINE 2500 - 120 caps

L-Carnitine matrix with three of the best forms of this product: tartrate, fumarate and Acetyl L-Carnitine.

Each serving gives you 2500 mg of L-carnitine. One pack is enough for 30 days. 

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Product Description

carnitine 2500

L-carnitine is known as a supplement for weight control. It is the preferred supplement by many athletes because as it enhances fat metabolism in the beginning of the exercise. Its main function is to transport fats to the mitochondria of the cells where they are burned for energy. Thus, L-Carnitine protects muscles as a fuel source for the body.

Waste products generated by the fat burning are transported to the excretory system by L-carnitine. This dual function defines it as a powerful antioxidant.

Another very important feature of L-carnitine is its ability to strengthen bone density by preventing lipid peroxidase of the phospholipid membranes. Many scientific studies have proven that L-carnitine has a positive effect on brain activity, increasing working capacity by around 30%. It is particularly suitable in stressful situations and in case of mental fatigue.

L-carnitine is one of the best neurotransmitters. It improves performance and physical endurance of athletes. L-Carnitine prevents the formation of lactic acid in muscles, thus providing access for oxygen - additional energy needed by athletes for better endurance.

DIRECTION OF USE: Enhances fat metabolism, fat burning and weight control.

It could be taken at any time of the day. For best results, take one serving of 4 capsules 15-30 min before exercise.

INGREDIENTS: L-carnitine tatrate, L-carnitine fumarate, acetyl L-carnitine, hard gelatin capsule.

Use only as a dietary supplement! Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women and children! Keep out of the reach of children! Do not exceed the RDA indicated in nutritional values. A dietary supplement that cannot replace a varied diet! It is not a medicine! Use before the expiry date marked on the packaging / L. Store away from direct sunlight in a cool (up to 28°C) dry place.

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