SlimPacks ® ENERGY RUSH - 60 caps

With Energy Rush you will get a lot of energy and with only two capsules it will make you a true beast during your race.

Extremely potent product for maximum performance without the crash effect. Contains: Raspberry Ketones, Caffeine, Guarana, L-Carnitine and others.

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Product Description

energy rushSlimPacks Energy Rush® is extremely potentent ergetic suitable for athletes of all sports. At a dose of only 2 capsules, it is most advantageous offer on the market. It contains raspberry ketones, vitamins, caffeine, guarana extract, which will give you energy. Take more water with this product, to adjust blood pressure.

Artichoke - we've added an extract of artichoke for athletes who have a problem with their stomach when taking energetic's. This extract promotes the proper absorption of ingredients, and it is a great antioxidant.

DIRECTION OF USE: It gives a sense of energy and alertness. Increases endurance athlete who contributes to higher questionable results.

Take 1-2 capsules before training. Take more water with this product.

INGREDIENTS: Raspberry ketone, caffeine anhydrate, l-taurine, l-carnitine tartrate, vitamins B complex, guarana extract, artichoke extract, hard gelatin capsule.

Use only as a dietary supplement! Do not use if pregnant, lactating women and children! Keep out of reach of children! Do not exceed the RDA indicated in nutritional values. Dietary supplement that can not replace a varied diet! It is not medicine! Use before the expiry date, marked on the packaging / L. Store in a cool dry place to 28C without direct sunlight.

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